recommended solutions

Piping Starter Cordless Drill and Set Kit
Piping starter cordless drill and set kit.
Post-installed rebar - Structural Standard Solution Non-Seismic - Kit
For structural rebar work: drill hole, clean hole, inject epoxy mortar, we have the full solution.
Post-installed rebar - Structural Premium Solution - Seismic Approved and dust free - Kit
For structural rebar work with Hilti SAFESET cleaning solution: drill hole, inject epoxy mortar.
Coring Starter Kit - DD 120 - Diameter range 16 - 162 mm
Now anyone can core! Plumbers, Electricians or Building Contractors start coring with the Hilti DD120.
Coring Starter Kit - DD 160 - Diameter range 25 - 202 mm
No need for a direct water supply with the Hilti DWP 10, start coring today.
Coring Starter Kit - DD 200 - Diameter range 35 - 500 mm
Coring in concrete with high rebar content or doing larger coring jobs? Yes, we have the solution!