Piping Starter Cordless Drill and Set Kit

Features & applications


  • 100x Flush anchor HKD M10x30 and 1x Setting tool HKD-TE-CX M10 3/8"x30
  • 1x Cordless rotary hammer TE 2-A22 in case, 1x Battery pack B 22/5.2 Li-ion, 1x Battery charger C 4/36-90 in box
  • 1x Cordless circular saw SCM 22-A in case and 1x Circular saw blade SC-C MU 165x20 z40 A(5)
  • 1x Laser range meter PD-E
  • 1x Rotating laser PR 3-HVSG


  • HKD drop-in anchor: For medium-duty loads with anchor bolts and threaded rods, e.g. suspension systems for pipes, air ducts, sprinkler systems etc.
  • TE 2-AA2 cordless SDS plus rotary hammer: Light-duty drilling in concrete and masonry
  • HKD-TE-CX setting tool: Installation of the Hilti HKD short drop-in anchor for fastening pipes, air ducts and suspended ceilings
  • SCM 22-A22 Cordless circular saw: Cutting channels, pipes, conduits and profiles quickly and accurately
  • PR 3-HVSG Rotary Laser Level: Aligning (pipe runs and cable trays)

Product information & prices

Item Number Name # of items in Package Package Price
02022021-piping-kit-02 Piping Starter Cordless Drill and Set Kit -

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Technical data

  • HKD drop-in anchor: Material, corrosion: Carbon steel, zinc-plated
  • HKD drop-in anchor: Base materials - Concrete (cracked)
  • HKD drop-in anchor: Setting tool HKD-TE-CX